QUANTUM HEALING - Participate in your own wellbeing .

- By Kristna Saikia

Quantum healing is related with the power of intention which takes place in a domain of beyond time and space . There is healing power in the energy and vibration of love when you project on others ,it can activate their own healing mechanism within them. The more you heal people , the more and better your own life is healed. For that the most important is to meet your core self in many aspects . Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses , all your negative experiences you had in the past . Reconnect with that part of you, which is yet to be expressed and is lying dormant . Know that your are amazing and powerful in many ways.

There are many techniques and methods by which you can keep your mind , body , soul and spirit to get into alignment with each other .We have a blissful body within us which is Divine but due to our engagement with our physical body , pranic body ,pain body and etheric body, the blissfull body remains unexpressed for a long time .Through Meditation , Healing , Martial Art ,Yoga, loving relationships, compassion, grace and forgiveness ,we try to bring a alignment among all these bodies which are part of us so that our Bliss Full body finds its own expression .

Whenever a desease manifest , there is always a missing link ,underlying somewhere related to your mental , emotional and physical space with your beliefs . Contracted awareness is always a reason for all dificulties and problems because of limited knowledge and fears hidden within . It needs expression in some way or form and so as a result desease manifest in the body .

The first and the foremost step is to understand the self, know and explore the underlying cause for your negative emotions . Be naked in front of a Mirror and look deep into yourself carefully . First the outer part of you and accept it as you are created in the eyes of God . Gaze at the mirror and let all different kinds of faces you carry within ,to reflect on the mirror Some faces may be scarry , romantic , some may be like a criminal ,good, bad, worst,you may also look like a clown or anything whatever you see about your self in the mirror. Let it come to the surface , accept it and release now with a deep breath . Give lots of love and show compassion to all those personalities hidden within you . Every person is a mystery . When you really go to the core self ,by layer after layer gradually then the real healing starts happening because you have a greater understanding of your self now .

Every thought has a chemical secreation , so when you are happy and in joy you will feel every cell of your body responding to you differently then when you are sad and depression. That is why healthy emotions are very important for your wellbeing Exercise and move your body through out the day to have healthy mind -body co-relation.

Meditation should be a regular practice like a daily ritual even for 15 mins twice a day as it will lead you to right direction.

Besides you can ask your own soul to transmit its light to every part of your being in deep meditation and put yourself in a younger body .You can choose to regress backwards and be in a younger body of yours. You will see results in few days and sooner gradually . Soul energy is the most powerful energy to heal and to look younger as it vibrates in the highest frequency of Love . You will start to glow with more Light and look very Divine .

We as a being are a natural process and by being aware of various parts of us , we can actually alter our realities as by our needs . All experiences are energies and by being in the interdimensional plane which is beyond time and space we can be in a transcendental state and then in pure awareness to heal and alter the circumstances and situations in our life.

All life can be healed in all dimension by not being physically present . How ? Yes it can be possible because we have a cosmic domain which is non local -beyond time and space ,where all communications, healing ,manifestations , transformations, transference of messages takes places instanteously from one person to another who might be in two different locations of the world . Not only that , this way we can send healing energies , love and intentions to plants,nature, animals and non living objects too .

Healing energies is nothing but Love ,when you know how to project it to a particular direction and others comes in contact with it , then wonderful and miraculous things starts to happen .

Love is a powerful energy as it can heal the scars that life leaves on our Soul .

Practice Self Affirmation as its powerful .
  • I Thankyou
  • I Forgive myself
  • I love you (tell to the self )
  • I ask for forgiveness from my self for all that i did to hurt myself awarely or unawarely .
  • I am the most attractive man or woman in the world .
  • I am amazing and pleasant .

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