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Since child hood , Kristna has been passionaite about Planes and Aviation industry besides her acting talent and camera.There is always a adventure that intrigues her about the sky .The dream to fly like a bird ,with wings .Well she loves to be in the fantasy world. She likes supersonic speed and loves to fly high though its in her imagination that transcends beyond time & space . That brought her in touch with aviation industry and profesionals. Today she is passionate about Private Jets and Aircrafts to explore more with advanced & futuristic technologies .

You can contact for all kinds of Luxurious Private Jets & Aircrafts which we have access to ,for purchasing as well as leasing. We have both New ones as well preowned . We can make it available to you accordingly at your convenient price .You can have the Aircraft for trial and other necessary legal processes will be well taken care of by our well experienced professionals and you can trust .

Model Year of Manufacture of the Aircrafts TSN/CSN Price
Gulfstream G200 2008 2780/1276 9,000,000 USD
Gulfstream G550 2011 1695/556 38,500,000 USD
Legacy 600 2008 3225/1238 10,000,000 USD
Legacy 650 2015 730/312 22,000,000 USD
2xHawker 750 2010 2191/1376 4,500,000 USD
King Air 350i 2010 1500 5,000,000 USD
Cessna Citation 2006 3559/1542 7,250,000 USD

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