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1. Meditation ,Law of Attraction & Art of Seduction -18 hrs .

Make it part of your Lifestyle and make your dreams reality-workshop .When we talk of Wealth and Abundance . Abundance means wealth in all areas of life - Attract Abundance & Wealth in all areas of life - Life time experience .

Career ,Relationship , Finance, Creative Abundance , RelatonshipPSYCHICSkills, Health ,Spiritual Abundance & Growth as each knot is interconnected - SHIFT YOUR PARADIGM .

Who doesn't like to be Seduced or be a Seducer, we all like it somewhere deep inside us ..unawarely or may be awarely .... Many times the word 'Seduction' is sexualied but the truth is ,its a powerful skill one needs to have as one of the success- tools in order to succeed in many areas of life .It can be one of the leadership skills so that you have Charisma ,Power ,Attraction, aura or to address large group of audience on stage , in relationships ,as an Artist or in day to day life naturally when you have that magnetism ,you will feel confident naturally ,effortlessly to accomplish many things in life with ease ..where Law of Attraction works wonders here. One of the Entrepreneurial Skill for success. SEDUCTION IS POWER.

I feel Children are the most manipulative and seducers as they get what they want in their own innocent way. Another name comes to my mind is Cleopatra,one of the Greatest Seducers in History ,the Egyptian Queen who ruled and mastered the Art of Seduction ,with her intellect as well as grace ,used it to rule her Kingdom and attract her admirers. We talk next on Kamasutra too ....

Well how is it connected to Law of attraction to attract all that we desire - Its about self Relience. You have resources within you but you need to put yourself in autopilot state to make it happen ..I welcome all for this exciting Journey ...

2. Learn advanced level in Art of Manifestation through meditation

Advanced level of Art of Manifestation through meditation where in one meditation,three techniques of meditation are involved. This methods gives you not only Siddhi powers (Super natural powers) but gives you insights in 3 steps :

1. Attention & concentration on a desire of object on a single point.

Added concentration which is meditation on the object becomes subjective, where there is no'I' consciousness,no mind,no soul but only the object .

Trance state where there is no soul,no mind neither meditation- The 'i''Consciousness is completely dissolved into emptyness.

Only the object remains ,the object is then seen clearly and shines brightly. Then you can get the subtle level of insight about the Object you desire and get it easily .Here Divine energy blessing & grace is required to go for further evolution & growth and that channel can be opened.

Do not make a mistake to do it on your own as it can be risky,always do it with someone's guidance. It can be only attained through initiation and through Sutra Consciousness which has huge power of it own. Its mystical.

I would prefer advance level Meditators to come and join or new ones can come for 21 sessions for 2 hrs .

Sessions are available through skype & in person for Global clients-

3. For Actors & Models (Acting workshop with wellness & Entrepreneurial skill program)
For Actors & Models (Acting workshop with wellness & Entrepreneurial skill program)

Complete 2 Months Course.

1.Practicing Silence .

2. Meditation .

3. Stress Level Management.

4. Martial Art

5. Dance - Salsa or Modern Dance - Body flexibility to open up your inner energy channels.

6. Acting workshop - Learn about acting for TV, CINEMA & THEATRE.

7 .Breathing Techniques .

8. Makeup & Voice Modulation .

9. Working on inner & outer beauty with Wellness program which includes knowing about your healthy Diet too .

10.Law of Attraction to attract whatever you want from the Universe effortlessly .

11. Self Hypnosis to program the self with autosuggestions .

12. How to have a Entreprenuerial Mindset to go Global with your Artistic talent .

13. How to do indirect marketing of self and know to be a Charaismatic Persona to be a public figure and attract quick attention . Know how to Sale yourself efficiently and yet effortlessly with your talent as well as with your right skills & approach. Learn and explore your other talents and skills to put to use simultaneously to have a broader market value. Be informational to people and that will create your bigger value.

14. How to have a very Holistic and Spiritual approach .

15. How to project energies to have a great screen presence and be more convicing naturally with your roles you play .

16. Triggering your deep rooted fears & insecurities to built confidence and great self esteem.

17.Removing all your inhibition related to your body and your contracted beliefs so that you can be like a free spirit while playing your roles well comfortably .

18. Shooting . To build confidence in front of the Camera . Your Portfolio will be given to you so that confidently you can be in the Global market with your skills.

19. Be Confident , be Stylish. carry your attitude and know your Self worth .

20 . You will be provided with agencies who can help you and connect you with the right re-sources for getting work in the Show Biz Business.

4. Mastering your Soul & Angel Therapy Workshop - 8 Hrs

1. Know the various ways and portals to connect with Angelic Realm...Get healed with Angelic Energies.Angels are Divine beings and Messengers of God .

2. Know their's various names and unique qualities .

3. Secret languages to communicate and connect them .

4. Get connected to Angelic energies.

Interesting aspect of this workshop is also about :

Soul Healing

Soul conferencing with other souls

Connect and communicate with your soul and how to integrate your soul in day to day life ?

How our soul helps us to makes choices...?

Can soul help you know what you want ?

How to unblock many areas of your life if you feel stuck with the help of your Soul .

Find soul wisdom which it carries through many life times experiences within its energies ...

Meditation and helaing will be part of the workshop .

Meditation is a journey to that silence which is already within us..and in that silence and stillness know how to transmit and experience different higher celestial dimensions .

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