International Bilionaires La' Belle Exotica Club

International Bilionaires La' Belle Exotica Club is part of Bill Fortune Company .It is Conceptualized,Designed by Kristna Saikia Its not a conventional club where your experience is limited within the walls of few pillars .We allow here all our UHNW -Ultra High Net Worth Guest and Members to have a Unique experience of relaxation and recreational , enjoy and detox,Wild Life Adventure,Holistic Wellness,Beauty treatments,Explore adventures sports , Spas and more in the closet to surprise you in nature in various Exotic locations,Private Islands,Castles, Tree Houses of the World. We practice , inspire everything Organic way as thats the best way to come close to Mother Earth .

We have Private Jets & Charters Facilities to fly you to the required destination where the Wellness Retreats takes place around the world .

Please read details about Organic Lifestyle practiced in the Club in this media link -


There are varieties of experiences as per needs you can choose from Holistic & Wellness Retreats , Corporate Retreats, Romantic Gateway Retreats for Couples,Adventure and Fitness , Water Sports to Beauty treatments etc . Besides you can be part of glamourous Entertainment Events ,Musical Night,Parties ,Philantrophy and Global Entrepreneurial meetup Seminars ,Art & Culture,Lifestyle and Fashion. Here you can buy High end luxury products too from Private Jets & Aircrafts,Yachts, Premium Real Estates ,Nude Art Portraits & Paintings,Organic Products, Fashionable Clothes , Bags and Lingeries from exclusive Designer collection.

15 mins of Meditation & Silence will give you not only relaxation but extra energy & creative power as well as Force to re-energise and keep you refresh,as you keep moving ahead in a relax state in the process of Life.Next play & Entertain yourself -best way to connect with your inner child .

Its a 12 months Membership Club .The Applicant can choose to take a single Retreat for one time before applying for 1 year Membership .

Its a place of Glamour & Granduer, Elegance & Exotica,Quality & Unique ,Wellness of Mind, Body & Soul .

Billionaires la belle Exotica Club

Its a great International Net Working Space for all Ultra High Net Worth People around the World .

International Billionaires La’Belle Exotica Club is actually geared towards Business Leaders – CEOs, CFOs, Presidents, VPs, Directors, Business Owners and Investors as well as innovators are welcome.
(Billionaires & Millionaires)

All your issues, problems discussed during the consultation and healing process will be kept confidential.

All the retreats will be for your highest good,focused to bring inner peace, stability,balancing,grounding and transformation . You will get moments to contemplate & connect with your core self .

Full Moon Night Party will be held every month in various places of the world .

La’Belle means most Beautiful .Thats what we depict 'Inner & Outer Beauty'

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