Nude Art Portraits,Painting, Sketches of Kristna Saikia

Kristna Saikia is India's top most Nude art artist whose work has delighted many Photographers through their lens , Painters for their Canvases and Portraits , Film Directors for their Cinematic moments where she carries her body gracefully and confidently as she portrays any role with conviction .

Kristna finds its very transcendental experience . She motivates people to practice Meditation and do yoga in Nude . Besides she writes for Abraxas , a LifeStyle magazine on various aspects on Artistic Nude work as well as on Holistic Nudism on wellness .

She is going ahead to model for Sculptures too .

Kristna welcomes World class Artists who would like to work with her In Nude Art work in various aspects of ART .

Pencil Sketches, Photography , Painters & Scupltures etc.

2 days Art Retreat

Various forms of Nude Art Work Of Kristna Saikia will be displayed
Painting ,Setches, Sculture, Photography canvases.

Exhibitions/Sale and Seminars on the business of Art in Luxurious Yachts, exotic locations followed by wine & dine.

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