Kristrna Saikia's Poetries

Kristna has been in love with writing peotries since long and very soon she may record all her poetries with her voice , music and enact it as an Actress incorporating them in films and Videos.

Her poetries are mostly about love affair between her and God , the Supreme Spirit , Cosmic man & woman , between her and Nature .


Why do you call my name so loud ?
I meet you every moment in the eternity..just be aware of presence ...

I have whispered you through the breeze many times..the cold breeze moistures your skin as it carries my messages to you ...Know then its me ...

My essence is will breath me... but still will long for more..

You disturbed my senses in this twilight ...
but let loose .i am the Cosmos well as you ...'

I am intoxicated by my senses with the nakedness of soul essence ...'

I dress my thoughts with your enchanting music .

- Aw Supreme Spirit -Let us flow with the harmony of beautiful artistry- and gift to the Universe -

So all can be blessed by the essence of our creation -
God created us,but we are also Supreme Creator .

Its so pleasant make eternal love with you ....
I could see the entire galaxy making love with each other.


How can I be a poetry without your essence,lift me to your horizon ..there is no space nor time as we flow....

Let us dissolve into emptiness our soul can merge into each other '...

I am in the company of many lovers and seeing the beauty of true Paradise ..intoxicating me ..

Your soul ignites the flame of majestic passion..and i accept your passion .
I drink you to full ecstasy ..but my senses are full of thirst.

The Moon whispered a secret to me last night '..
I blossom like a flower with your essence with your arrival ...

Lovers don't understand impossibilty when it comes to merging ..
Am i hallucinating ...?

My tears got stars twinkling ..My Eyes are filled with imagination ... '

Because of your love ... I can feel the night so awake ,in the shadows of darkness..

The Divine Glory satisfies us...

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