Wellness Retreats

Retreats are in different exotic locations of the World - Private Islands , Luxury Resorts ,Caves , Tree Houses etc for your Welness and experiences to explore your inner as well as outer journey .All Retreats will have meditation because that is the first basic step to come back & connect with your own energy . Few of the things we can add which you would like & tailor make it to suit you the best along with what we provide in the menu.

Personal Chef, Care Takers ,Fitness Trainers ,Dietician,Healers, etc all will be there to take care of you & guide you specifically.

We have Private Jets & Charters Facilities to fly you to the required destination where the Wellness Retreats will take place around the world .

The Applicant can choose to take a single Retreat for one time before applying for 1 year Membership.

Privacy & Confidentiality will be maintained
Understanding of self in nude and being transcendental - Retreat
6 days- 7 Nights ( Liberation ) Private Island & Resort or Villa

Unfold your potential through conscious contact with your Body & Emotions and recognize old patterns, belief systems or imprints.

The skin of our body is usally seen as the boundary line between inner and outer.But once you put your awareness in the breathing process , even you are sitting in Nude ,it starts to seem that the body itself is external . When you take a journey inwards ,beyond the breath and into the sensory process of the mind ,both the body and breath are external or out there . Your prayers , abilty to manifest can be much faster and receptive if you are in this inward space which transcends beyond time & space . Then concentration,Meditation & trans state to relax becomes external as outer awareness falls away.You will come to know the self more closely in Subtle level as you will realise the body ,breath & senses no longer exist .

Practicing Silence,Contemplating ,introspection , Meditation in Nude .

Tao -Power Yoga - to open up your inner energy channels .Its good for instant weight lost .

Breathing techniques .

Know about Chakras and how to balance, ground them as they effect our mental, emotional ,physical, sexual & spiritual wellbeing.

Relax with Reiki & Crystal Healing.

Triggering deep rooted fears, insecurities and bringing them to the surface to release it .

You are given a choice to spend as much time time you want in Nude . No one will judge you and you can be completely comfortable in trusted space.

Know how through Nudity as a pathway to meet various portals to Spiritual, Mystical experiences , growth and evolution.. Working with 5 Elements.Air , Water ,Fire ,Earth & the Spirit.

How to transform sexual energy into spiritual energy to enhance your vitality .

Food ,Drinks, Spa & Massages- Organic way . You can enjoy Local Cultural food . Trekking & Water Sports . Fishing .

Sutra Meditation for cleansing & purification from all levels and expanded Awareness.

Death is a process , being comfortable with the transition .

Working with your Divine Invisible Helpers , Guides and Gurdian Angels to make you closer to self , clearing self doubts about your image from the deeper unconscious level..and how to remain healthy in Mind , body and spirit as well as in relationalship to your natural self through nudity .

Not too much using of cell phones, watching Tv or talking is allowed . You can write and do photography ,paintings,listen to music or anything else you like etc where you can bring out your core self .

Beauty & Wellness : 7 Days Retreat

Meditation , Practicing Silence and Chanting .

Tao Power Yoga - Taichi . Tao Yoga is very good for weight loss from first session itself.

Tai -Chi (Martial Art ) Its good for making your body language more graceful . Slow & graceful exercises to open your inner energy channels .

Reiki Healing and progressive relaxation through hypnosis to stress free, program yourself to regress your age from within.

Food to detox and know about right kind of food thats good for your entire wellbeing ,good skin & hair .

Organic methods to keep the hair healthy, stop hair fall , radiating skin and anti aging methods

Sound therapy as sounds play a important role to effect & relax the entire mind,body &spirit from deep cellular level .

Aura ,cleansing , healing ,grounding and balancing .

Colour therapy Meditation. Beauty therapy through various Crystals.

Cleopatra's Beauty Secrets .

Pamper yourself in a tub with Wine.

Learn and usuage of Aroma Therapy,Ayurveda, Clays, consultation with Nutrition for diet changes.

Learn about different herbs and flowers to beautify self .

Spa & Massages .

Pamper yourself as well as know how to take care of self in less time in Organic way.

Hot Spring.

Mystical beauty rituals and practices with Music .Affirmations to look young and healthy as well as accept aging gracefully. How to work with moon phases to keep yourself beautiful ,young graceful and increase your intution as well awareness about your self.

For (Women) Post Motherhood ,beauty treatments and know more for additional changes in lifestyle to look sexy ,stylish and fit from inside and as well as outside.

Consult our Best Derma -Doctors .

Beauty Workshop on Ayurveda & Naturaphy .

Mental Emotional and Physical Fitness & Adventures Spa - 4 to 5 Days

Consultation with Nutrition ,Fitness Psycholigist ,Healing emotional issues .
Hypnosis to program yourself to get balance & inner strength in Mind ,Body & Spirit . Healing through hypo-therapy to let go of any kind of bad habbits like smoking ,excessive drinking alchohol or anything which you have realised is not for your Highest good .

Meditation ,Tao Power Yoga & Learn Tai Chi , Qi Qong.

Emotional Fitness & Mental Fitness .Working on Self Esteem .

Meditation on knowing about your animalistic nature within,exploring and being aware of it as wel as accepting it . Fear of any kind from within ,letting it out through many adventures Spa and beauty therapies ..so have fun and thrill of life .

Just explore yourself to what extent can you go to beautify self in a adventures way .

Early morning power walk .

Food & Drinks for beauty .Consult with Nutrition and Naturapathy Doctor .

You can choose any 3 Therapy & massages you feel thrilled from below
  • Snake massages
  • Snail Masages.
  • Cactus facial & full body Massages
  • 0 degree Ice Cold beauty therapy .
  • Beauty treatments and facials with Birds Poo
  • Caviar Facial.
  • Leech Therapy .
  • Thai Elepant Massage in Thalland.
  • Pedicure with with tiny fishes.
  • Underwater Spa in Maldives .

Spend a day in a luxurious Yacht getting Spa treatments & Massages in the middle of sea or Ocean under the sky pampering yourself with exotic food, fresh juice and exploring the islands .

Evening can be Clubbing ,Partying and in Casinos or we will arrange anything of your choice .

Couples Retreat - Romantic Getways : 7days

If you have found a new date or couples who want to revive your marraige ,then this retreat will suit you.

Couple Meditation together ( You can also choose to do Nude Meditation)

Pranayam and Tantric Yoga.

Techniques and exercises for couples to come closer .

Tantra Massages and Organic beauty Spa for deep relaxation together. (Tantra massages are usually sensual massage but it opens all the energy centres of all 7 chakras within our ethral body,So deep healing takes place during the process)

How couples can come Closer
Art of Seduction , Perfuming and more ancient practices and techniques ...

Practicing Silence and non- verbal moments but being with each other .

Both the couple have to go through a combine & individual consultation prior with us so we can arrange many activities which both like to explore about each other like hobbies,Sports, food ,play in Casino ,attend a Opera or a Party or anything of great passion each want to pursue during the retreat together specially .

Private arrangement for Dinner ,Wine & Music in a exotic location .

If you need any relationship counselling with our relationship Counsellor,that can be made available too ,to make & guide your relationship much better then before .

We give you a private kitchen outdoor where you can spice up your love life by cooking food together and enjoy moments in Nude ..and serving each other .


You can learn something to cook from our Chef Organic way ,take home some awesome recipies.

Wine Tasting .

Enjoy going for Moon Light walk.

Fall in love with yourself first and let go as what reality should be and experience the complete transformation by the end of the retreat.

Corporate Retreats - 4 Nights & 5 days or 6 nights 7 days

Applicable for only CEOs, CFOs, Presidents, VPs, Directors and Business Owners

Practicing Silence , Tao Power Yoga - Tai Chi , Qi-Qong,

Very gentle exercises which can open your inner energy channel ,doesn't need much space and experience it during your office hrs too .

Sound therapy, Early morning Treking & Cycling.

Progressive relaxation with Hypno therapy
Adventures sports .

Wild life tour,
Aroma Therapy & Tantra Massages,

Organic Food ,Drink and taste local cultural food .
Hot spring ,Detox,Right Diet ,

Clubbing & play in Casinos.

Water Sports ,Horse Riding
Play Golf ,Attending any showbiz events,
you can exercise any of your hobbies.
Party & Clubbing with the best DJS and Music.

Wild Life and Adventures Retreats- 8 Days.

Meditation everyday ,Connecting with Air ,Water , Fire & Earth within.
Practicing silence ,
Reiki Healing.
Triggering deep rooted fears & insurities to release through various means from your energy body.

Understanding & Balancing Energy Ying & Yang ,Sword Fighting .

Cycling,Camping & Trekking in jungles,
Enjoy Tribal Food and Spa treatment .
Wild life adventure

Adventures Sports
Martial Art

Horse riding,

Ocean adventure,
Fishing,Enjoy Whales & Dolphins to rejuvenate you,Tao -Power Yoga,
Organic Diet and Drinks,

Ski,Hiking,Rock Climbing
Under water diving,

Surfing .


Enjoy Tribal Dance & Music in the nature with bon fire or under full moon night .

Arabian and Middle East special Retreats - 4 days

Meditation in Sand dunes,
Yoga ,
Freehand Exercises,
Non Verbal moments,

Wine Tasting , Enjoy Belly Dance & Music,

Get Clarity with Tarot & Angel card reading related to all areas of life.

Safery ride and enjoy the golden sunset,
Camel Ride, Floura & Fauna tours,

Camping in the sand and enjoy the night ,
Enjoy the moon & sleep under the sky ,

Local Arabian & Middle Eastern Cuisines,
Arabian special,local Spa & hamam treatments,
Cultural Exploration.

Sports Tournaments-
Golf, Tennis, Badminton,-


Nude Wellness & Book reading Retreat - 7 days

Meditation in Nude .

Tao Power Yoga .

Enjoy great Organic Food, Juice,Wine ,and spend time reading books .

Organic Food , Detox

Massages and Spa Treatments .

Crystal healing of the Nude body .

Trekking ,Early morning power walk.

Take out maximum time to reading books in Nude in a exotic Private island .Reading is investing of self and experience your transformation. Reading informational books , fiction & non fiction books .When you read fiction books you become compassionate and understand feelings , drama etc.Do you take time for self ? Liberate yourself from self imposed limitations.Revolutionize yourself.

A time will come your concentration will remain in reading books not on your body consciousness at all .

Practicing silence is part of it .

No watching TV news , rare use of cells, watch or any loud noise aloud.

What experience you will gain during the process .

When you transcend , you will know knowledge not only comes from books ..but with hightened awareness wisdom comes to you from Cosmos and Soul too when it reveals itselfs.

You can carry books or can explore new books to read.Spend time in a local library to explore more books on diferent subjects.

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