Monthly Tarot Prediction

Tarot & Angel card Prediction for January 2016- By KRISTNA SAIKIA.


This month for Aries is very positive and indaicates positive changes ,All difficulties will soon dissappear and you will encounter new opportunities ,bright prospects and you will find inner strength as well as new experience. Just be careful not to be greedy .


This month you might feel the need to seperate from loved ones and from the crowd to feel control of your own destiny . Be strong with your will power to achieve what you want . Just be careful not to trust anyone or you may be cheated by a disguised person .


This is a moment which represents your spiritual journey with leap of faith . Take a moment to connect with your inner child and focus on trust & hope. There could be lots of uncertainity in many aspects of your life and can be risky too. You can take risk if you have faith , trust your gut feelings, intution and take your decisions wisely. If you have faith ,you have bright tomorrow. Be more graceful .


January indicates travel plans and journey .The Journey can be inward spiritual journey too . Both the ways its good as you will meet many opportunities ,overseas trip,money and goodluck . Stability and stabilising influence will be coming to your lfe .


There is a focus on relationship and matters of heart . Union of two people in love which will manifest into marraige . It can also indicate new relationship which will be succesful in the course of time or ongoing relationship will be renewed with passion and communication.


To introspect ,you need to disconnect from the day to day life and travel to a place near water survey many aspects of your life . Be bold in your moves and be liberated from your past restrictions and find your own individual independence . You will be very happy,content & in bliss if you take the steps ,improvements will come your way


Your wishes related to money will be fulfilled as Divine wish being granted. There is a indication of new beginning and realisation of goals as your hard work will be paid off. Be careful not to be carried away by the luxury of material wealth. It may also indicate birth of a child .January will bring you perfect contentment ,ecstasy & joy.


You will have financial security this month and lots of financial wealth coming your way through gifts, legacies ,inheritance or from a golden handshake . Many situations related to work , finance & opportunities will speed up and will come to successful completion. But sometimes even if you gain so much financial wealth ,you may experience loss of some one or some kind which can leave you cold, alone and lost . So keep a balance .


Be careful with the people you trust ,there is a possibity that you can be cheated and back stabbed . Even if you incur some kind of lost but do not be offended as all is not lost , be aware and and you will see there is more to salvage . So Cheer up .


In the past if you were in some kind of difficult situation , but there is a good news that you will overcome those obstacles now and you will achieve a balance to create order in your life .


Give importance and highlight your positivities that still exit in your life and the pontential joys the the future holds. Its time to go for deep relaxation through meditation , healing , holidaying and pamper yourself . Most important is look into self to find your inner strength . Chanting Hanuman Chalisa will help you .


A very positive moment for you in relationships, in terms of career ,marraige and spiritual developments too . There is a indication of succesful union. Its a good time for you to remain unattach and do soul searching . You will see and experience the Light and the path will be shown to you for your next evolution

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