Terms and Conditions for Clients who are taking Holistic sessions, Courses from Bill Fortune Company.

1. Complete fee has to be paid prior to the commencement of any Holistic and Wellness session or Courses through bank transfer.

2. The deposited bank reciept , 1 ID proof with passport size photo has to be submitted via email to keep records for our future transaction and relationship records .

3. Please read the syllabus well in the website about any session and courses you want to experience.

4. You can always call for your questions after reading the syllabus of any course or hoilstic sessions.

Terms and Condition for the Members for International Billionaires La'Belle Exotica Club.

1.Membership of the Club is for an initial Contract Term of 12 months from the date of signing the application form. A one-off Registration Fee is due on that date, followed by Administration fees and Membership fees.

2. Following the expiry of the Contract Term, membership and payments will continue until either party terminates in accordance with these terms.

3. All charges quoted to the Member for the provision of the Specified Service are exclusive of VAT, for which the Member is liable at the prevailing rate, and these must be paid without deduction or set-off.

4. Our Team will arrange as per convenience with the applicant a interactive session with the Club Management Team in person or through skype prior the registration.

5.The Applicant can choose to take a single Retreat for one time before applying for 1 year Membership.

Membership of the Club is at the sole discretion of the Club Owner and it reserves the right to refuse membership.

As a Member of the Club, the Member agrees to conduct themselves in a professional and business-like manner, treating other members with respect at all times. If the Club should receive a complaint about any Member’s behaviour, it reserves the right to suspend membership. Such complaints would constitute a breach of these terms.

The Registration Fee includes one member badge for the name on the Application for Membership form. The Member will have the option of ordering badges for replacements at the discretion of the sole athority , however, there will be an additional charge for these at the current supplier’s rate.


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