Witchcraft , Magick & Wizdom

Learn Magick, Casting Spells Understanding Wicca - Level 1 .
The classes are for 2 to 3 hrs in a day. You can do the course in person or through Skype .

Amost 1 & half month course.You can do in person and through Skype from any part of the World. The experience gives the same insight ...and unfolds many Divine Petals. The practice may take bit more time,It depends ...The magical things which you need like magick wands , broom,pentagon, crystals ,Tarot or Oracle decks ..etc you have to buy & get it seperately and keep it safe for life time which is used for practicing magick spells and energise it with your energy . You can get them through me too .

Do you believe in Magic and Miracles …?

Have you felt or been aware that the Universe communicates every moment ?

Witchcraft is all about being aware of the power which lies within you, knowing to harness and respect the powers of the forces which are in nature , the invisible realm – in the celestial dimension for shifting your present reality , healing your life , banishing negativity ,protection ,sending distance healing and blessings.Its creative and form of Art.We all are somewhere or other do magick spells in our own way while doing Hawan, rituals,working with mantras etc to shift the energy field around us to positive.Few things are predestined by the soul Dna to experience certain experiences on earth by us in individual level but still there is a free will by which we can choose and change our reality by going to our past through past life regression as the soul can get the information from our past incarnation or future possibilities of certain events stored in our subconscious mind.

A true Witch or a Wizard always has a way to live magically and is relaxed in the process of life .He or she never chases but by power of intention , 'allowing' works in co-operation and in alignment with her inner power and forces which lies in the nature.We are invisibly and energetically interconnected with each other.So one thing effects the other .Shamans are always connected to nature and worships nature. Wicca is a religion which doesn’t disturb your main religion you follow but helps you to lead a better life which are more quatum in nature and helping you to be more self aware and selfrealized person through introspection , self discoveries , meditation and know that you are a powerful being . We follow -Harm None – as its related to LAW OF KARMA. rather follow all spiritual rituals, practices and some through by allowing us to guide from Higher Celestial beings of Higher Frequencies.

Most important there is no strict rules apart from ‘Harm None’- Its friendly and no one needs to be nun or celbate to practice it .I am a Nude art artist and i also believe whenever you respect your body then you understand self more profoundly .

Regular meditation and connecting with your inner silence will open the portal to God’s energy which is pure LIGHT, which has no form or shape.

In the entire course you will learn
  • Divinition – Tarot Card , Angels, Fairies , Mermaids, Runes.
  • Energy Healing – Meditation.
  • Chakras and Activating Third eye .Activating Psychic gifts.
  • Understanding Wicca and Magick .
  • Wiccan Rede.
  • Psychic chords and Psychic Defence.
  • Banish Negativity and release blockages.
  • Learning the Craft Magick –
  • Psychic skill training and application....
  • Working with 5 Elements.
  • Learn to how cast Magick spells.
  • Banishing the negative of self & from other,Complete detoxification & Mental , emotional aura , spiritual cleansing .
  • Past Life Regression Healing
  • Relationship Healing .Twinsoul and SoulMate . Accepting Marraige as healthy instituition .Fertility rituals .Spirituality and sexuality .Nudity .
  • Learn about Crystals, Herbs ,Magical symbols.
  • Learn About connecting with Faieries and Angels, Archangels and Forces to help you in your magical journey .
  • Manifestation .
  • Know about Soul Agreements and if required how to delete them.
  • Channeling , Affirmations.Initiation..and more ..etc .

The Universe is a Magical force with its own invisible forces & Power.Magick works from Quantum level from cellular level to manifest many things you desire . Write down your desire which is easy first and see results . And then gradually do magick with your big desire and charge them up . There are many indepth techniques to charge it including with your Orgasm .

To learn about Magick ,Occult, Wicca and Casting spells courses-

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