Transcendental Nude Meditation & Soul healing

Transcendental Nude Meditation & Soul healing in different parts of the World.

Transcendental Nude Meditation & Soul healing - Course .You can do the course in person or through Skype .

Better if you are a Couple

Benefits - Liberation,Pure Awareness, Deep Relaxation, Improving relaxation with self, with your partner and others,How to master your senses & transcend, Art of Seduction , How to transform your Sexual Energy into Spiritual Energy, How to Induce Orgasmic energy in you partner without touching as well as give better satisfaction to self & to your partner and finally how to master your soul to unblock many areas of your life ..etc more .

Its a complete journey ...

Its not about lust ,its about love ,balancing ,transcending & accepting yourself completely as you are created in the eyes of God without being judgemental.

Workshop Mentored by Kristna Saikia.

You can choose to be Nude or in minimal Clothes but not in too many clothes .

Privacy will be maintained .

No Cameras allowed.

Good Behaviour and respect is expected .

Please come with a open mind .

Thankyou .

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